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Reading Biometric Cards

Today, a huge segment of the security area is about biometric documents: passports, ID cards, residence permits. The chip stores facial image, fingerprints and a digital certificate. You can read its contents with an expensive desktop station.

What if you could check document holder's identity with just a mid-class smartphone?

Now you can. Our all-in checker solution is already ready to serve.

Key features:

  • Device
  • Biometrics
  • Identification
  • Central Management
  • Security
  • Target Audience
No need for document reader device
NFC-capable Android 7+ smartphone/tablet
fingerprint scanner
Take live face photo with phone camera
Read facial image and fingerprint from chip
Verify face and fingerprint on scene
Document authenticity
National databases
FBI & Interpol wanted lists
Track document checks on live map
Detailed audit logs for risk analysis
Flexible interface for custom ABIS
Encrypted data transfer
No sensitive data stored on phone
Unusable device if lost/stolen
Document Issuing Companies

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